I Purpose To define and clarify policies and procedures.
II Meetings To define meeting schedules and procedures.
III Member Positions and Duties Define elected Officer positions and duties.
IV Removal/Resignation of an Officer Procedure for removal or resignation of an elected officer.
V Guests Policies for inviting guests to meetings.
VI Attendance at Meetings Defines and clarifies expectations of members for attendance at meetings.
VII Leads/Referrals Expectations for passing general leads and direct referrals.
VIII Admin. Costs, Event Costs, Misc. Expenses Defines expenses that may occur in normal operation of Network Group business.
IX Expectations of all WNG Members General expectations of all members.
X Joining WNG And Fees Procedure for new members joining Wenatchee Network Group.
XI Weekly Meetings and Program Speakers Expectations of members during weekly meetings and speaker program.
XII Bank Account Clarifies process for bank account.
XIII Grievances/Conflicts Process for grievances or conflicts among members or applicants.
XIV Code of Ethics for all Members General Code of Ethics for all WNG Members.
XV Changes in Policy/Procedures Changes in Policy/Procedures.
XVI Approval and Dates Authorizing body that approved Policy/Procedures and dates approved.
XVII Acknowledgement Acknowledgement Signature Page



Article I. Purpose

To define and clarify policies and procedures, while encouraging active participation in the network group.

Mission Statement:  We take an hour of our valuable time each week to attend the meeting, in order to promote each other’s businesses and strengthen our own.  We will do this in a professional manner and show up to help us build a stronger business and network for ourselves and each other.

Article II. Meetings (Regular, Special, Quorum)

  • Meetings will be held every Wednesday and at other times as deemed necessary.  Meetings may be canceled or rescheduled by a majority vote of all members present in a quorum at a given meeting.
  • Time of meeting shall be from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  • In the month of December, the Annual Meeting shall be held in conjunction with the regular business meeting, at which time new officers will be elected and a full and complete Annual Accounting of the financial condition of the Wenatchee Network Group shall be made to the members.
  • Special meetings may be called at any time by the Presiding President.  Also, any member may request a special meeting through the Presiding President.  In all cases, special meetings shall be limited to the stated purpose, which must be communicated in advance to all members.  Board meetings should be held at least annually.
  • A quorum of 51% of Board members shall be present at any regular or special meeting in order for Network Group business to be conducted, e.g., policy changes.  A majority vote of the Board members present is needed to approve any Network Group business not otherwise specified in the policies herein.
  • A majority of members shall be present at any regular, special, or Annual Meeting before the election of officers or amendments to the Network Group Policies and Procedures can commence.  A majority vote of the members present is needed to approve amendments to the Membership Agreement or to elect officers.
  • Each member shall have one vote in all matters regardless of his standing in the group.
  • The use of written proxies is hereby permitted for those members unable to attend any regular, special, or Annual Meeting.  A proxy vote will be counted when it pertains to a specific issue previously discussed by the members, not to issues brought up and decided at the missed monthly meeting.

Article III. Elected Member Positions and Duties

Annually at the meeting to be known as the Annual Meeting, or as needed to fill any vacancy, members shall be elected by a majority vote of the members present, or by appropriate proxy, to the following positions and duties.  All elected member positions will constitute the “Board”.

  • President:  Sets meeting dates and locations, presides over meetings, sees that the resolutions passed by the membership are carried out, oversees election of officers, announces program speakers for the coming week, and assures members limit themselves to one (1) minute commercials.
  • Vice President:  Takes the place of the President when he is absent or incapacitated.
  • Secretary:  Keeps a record of the actions authorized by the Members and notifies members of meetings and activities.  Records minutes of each meeting and Board Meeting.  Maintains records of attendance at meetings.  Tracks and reports leads/referrals and sales made, and reports to the membership on a monthly basis.  Coordinates weekly speaker/Program roster.  Records changes made to Policies and Procedures Manual as approved.
  • Treasurer:  Collects joining fees and annual membership dues.  Keeps a record of the Network Group’s receipts and disbursements. Pays expenses incurred for the Network Group for pre-approved expenditures; e.g. supplies, planned events.
  • Membership Committee:   Committee shall include a minimum of 5 members, including one (1) chairperson.  Responsible for accepting new applications for membership in the network group, contacting references listed on the application, and voting on the applicant.  Membership Committee will coach new members on expectations of members in the group, including attendance at meetings and passing of referrals and leads.  Membership Committee will review attendance records quarterly and work with delinquent members to determine their desire to remain an active Network group member.
  • Guest Speaker/Program Coordinator:  Coordinates weekly speaker/Program roster.

Article IV. Removal or Resignation of an Officer

If an officer of the Wenatchee Network Group does not fulfill duties required as described in Article III, that Officer will be notified in writing of the meeting at which removal from office will be discussed and voted upon. At that meeting, the Officer may present statements to the membership in an effort to retain the position.

Removal will occur if so voted by majority of the members present at the meeting or voting by appropriate proxy.

If a presiding officer elects to resign from an elected position, the membership will elect and vote on a new officer at the next regular meeting.  The term of the newly elected officer will run until the next, normally scheduled election of officers.

Article V. Guests

Wenatchee Network Group members may invite guests to attend a meeting.  Guests invited should be from a business category that is not currently filled by a Wenatchee Network Group member.  If a visitor attends a meeting, we ask that the visitor not pass their business card, brochures, or other sales literature.  Visitors may verbally introduce themselves and their company.  Once an application is submitted and approved by the Membership Committee, the visitor may pass business cards, brochures, etc.

Article VI. Attendance at meetings

The network group is very effective if you make an effort to attend every meeting.  The more people see you and hear what you have to offer, the more likely you are to receive good leads and referrals.  Consistent presence at meetings keeps you fresh in the minds of all members.

Attendance is important.  The Wenatchee Network Group asks that each member attend a minimum of one (1) weekly meeting per month.  After six (6) consecutive absences, your position in Wenatchee Network Group will be automatically terminated and that category will be opened for a new member.  We encourage you to contact a member to let them know if you can not attend a meeting.  Our group feels that business comes first, and we understand that events such as illness and vacations do occur.

The Membership Committee may grant exceptions to terminate based on criteria such as medical reasons, working out of the area, or other such reasonable causes to miss meetings.  If your position is terminated, you may re-apply to join the group, but will be treated as if you are a brand new member.

Article VII. Leads/Referrals

Members are asked to pass a minimum of one (1) general lead or direct referral each month.  If you attend a meeting without a lead or referral, you will pay a $1 penalty.

Lead/Referral forms are available at each meeting, and we have e-lead forms for sending leads via email.  To receive credit for passing the lead/referral, your name MUST appear at the bottom of the lead form, or you must copy in the secretary with any e-leads sent.  If your name is not listed as the person giving the lead, you will not receive credit.

A general lead is one that may be of interest to many members in the group, such as a new business opening, a business moving locations, etc.  These general leads may apply to many various business members in the group, such as plumber, painter, sign company, etc.

A direct referral is one in which you have spoken with someone and that person is expecting to be contacted by one of our network group members.  Your direct referral includes the name and contact information, along with a brief description of the service they are interested in.  Your referral knows who will be contacting them, and why.  It is not up to you to “make a sale”, but simply to offer to put your referral in touch with one of our members who provides that service.

If a direct referral is passed at Wenatchee Network Group, that same referral may not be used as a referral at any other network group meeting that a particular business or company may belong to.  Example:  if you are a member of Wenatchee Network Group, and a different employee of your company attends BNI meetings, the same referral may not be passed at both network group meetings.

Leads and referrals must be new and unique.  Duplicate leads/referrals will only be counted once.  For example, if you sign an annual service contract with a company, that will count as only ONE lead/referral, even though you do service with them every month of the year.

The Membership Committee reviews each member’s passing of leads/referrals monthly.  They may offer suggestions if a member is not passing leads/referrals which average one (1) per month.  Some months a member may pass no leads, but the next month pass 4 or 5, which averages more than one (1) per month.

Article VIII. Administrative Costs, Event Costs, Miscellaneous Expenditures

The Wenatchee Network Group reimburses reasonable expenditures incurred by the Secretary for supplies such as paper, ink, postage, etc.  Such reimbursement shall be made from the treasury, only upon presentation of bonafide receipts for such purchases.

The Membership Committee may periodically organize an event for the membership, which may include a Holiday party, barbeque, etc.  Such events may incur expenses for food and beverages.  If an event is planned, the Membership Committee will present the concept at a regular meeting, along with an estimate of costs to be incurred.  All members attending that meeting may vote in favor or against spending treasury monies for these events.

Miscellaneous expenditures may be incurred from time to time.  These expenditures may be approved by majority vote of the membership at any meeting at which an expenditure is proposed.

Article IX. Expectations of All Wenatchee Network Group Members

Weekly meetings begin at 12:00 p.m. and last one (1) hour.  Members need to arrive on time and stay for the entire meeting.  Members are expected to attend a minimum of one (1) meeting per month, or send an alternate in their place.  Members are expected to pass an average minimum of one (1) general lead or direct referral per month.

Members are expected to be respectful of other members.  During weekly meetings, members are asked to silence their cell phones, limit personal conversations to before or after the normal meeting, and listen attentively when other members are speaking.

Members make an effort to provide accurate contact information when passing leads and referrals.  Direct referrals should include the contact name and phone number, address if possible, and brief description of the product or service they are interested in.  To assure credit for passing the lead/referral, it is critical to put your name at the bottom of the lead forms.

Article X. Joining Wenatchee Network Group

Wenatchee Network Group allows only one (1) person or business to join from any given business category.  The individual person under any business category who is a member of Wenatchee Network Group may not be a member of any other networking group that allows only one person per business category, and whose primary purpose is to pass leads and referrals to other members.  Members must represent their primary occupation or business, and may only represent ONE category.  A business or company may belong to another networking group, but the same person or representative of that company may not attend both network group meetings.  As an individual person, you may belong to only ONE network group.

A guest is asked to attend two weekly meetings to determine if they are interested in joining Wenatchee Network Group before submitting an application to join.

An applicant will fill out a Membership Application form and submit to the Membership Committee.  The Membership Committee will contact the applicant with their decision to allow or disallow the applicant into Wenatchee Network Group.  The Membership Committee will have final authority relating to classification conflicts.  NOTE:  The BUSINESS OR COMPANY will be the member of Wenatchee Network Group, not the individual person.  In the event of a new person replacing a current member for the same Member Company, the new person must submit a new application and be subject to the 60-day trial period.

Once approved for membership, the applicant will pay a one-time joining fee of $50.  This joining fee is non-refundable.  Wenatchee Network Group charges annual membership dues of $25 per year, due and payable on February 1 of each year.  The annual membership dues are non-refundable.  If, during the 60-day trial period, either the Membership Committee or the new member decides this network group is not mutually beneficial, the new member may request in writing to the Board, a refund of their joining fee.  Refunds are not guaranteed.

Joining Fees and Annual Membership Dues can not be transferred from one person to another unless approved in advance by the Membership Committee.

New members will be subject to a 60-day trial period, during which a Membership Committee member will coach a new member.  During the first 60 days, a new member is expected to attend at least four (4) network group meetings, attend a new-member orientation meeting, visit at least three (3) existing members place of business to learn more about that business, and pass at least one (1) general lead or direct referral each month.

Article XI. Weekly Meetings

Meetings are held every Wednesday from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.  Early arrival is encouraged so as not to interrupt a meeting in progress.  Members are asked to plan their schedule to allow them to attend the entire meeting, rather than disrupting the meeting by leaving early.

Cell phones must be turned off or put on silent meeting mode.

During meetings, each member will introduce themselves and give a brief, one (1) minute commercial about themselves or business.  You may pass brochures, fliers, or other information for members to view/read.  Please respect other’s members right to speak, and keep your commercial within the one-minute guideline.

Program: Each week, a member of Wenatchee Network Group is the featured speaker, or program.  This program may last about ten (10) minutes, and is an opportunity to share more detailed information about the member and their business.  A calendar is maintained for members to reserve a date for their own program.  Dates are given on a first-come, first-served basis.  Every attempt will be made to allow all new members to have a ten (10) minute program slot within the first thirty days of joining the network group.

Article XII. Bank Account

The Wenatchee Network Group may select a bank for the purpose of opening a bank account. Funds in the bank account shall be withdrawn by checks signed by the Treasurer, President, or Secretary of the Wenatchee Network Group.

Article XIII. Grievances/Conflicts

It is a member’s responsibility to file a concern with the Membership Committee if a visitor who submits an application in any way conflicts with their own classification.  This should be done before the visitor is approved for membership.  All current members will be notified of a new application being received.  The open comment period will be 7 days after the application is received by the Membership Committee.  If there are no complaints, the Membership Committee will “assume their consent” and proceed with their process for new applicants.

In a case of problems with an existing member of Wenatchee Network Group, a member must submit a grievance with the Membership Committee.  The Membership Committee may, at their discretion, put a member on probation relating to their business practices or commitment to the Wenatchee Network Group.  In the case of felony convictions, the Membership Committee may recommend to the Board that the member be terminated  from Wenatchee Network Group.

Article XIV. Code of Ethics for all Wenatchee Network Group Members

*Members will provide the quality of service and products at prices they have quoted.

*Members will be truthful and respectful of all members and their referrals.

*Members will take responsibility for following up on referrals they receive.

*Members will show a positive and supportive attitude with other Wenatchee Network Group members.

*Members will live up to ethical standards of their profession.

*Members will abide by confidentiality laws of each profession.

Article XV. Changes in Policy or Procedure

Policies and procedures are subject to change.  Members who wish to change their business category classification must submit a new membership application to the Membership Committee and submit to their review process for the classification change.

Article XVI. Approval and Dates

This policy was approved by the elected officers (board) comprised of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Committee.

This version of the policies and procedures was approved on:  October 21, 2015

This version takes effect on:  November 20, 2015


Article XVII. Acknowlegement

I, _________________________________ agree to the policies and procedures as part of my membership in Wenatchee Network Group.  I acknowledge I have received the Policies and Procedures, Version March 2013.


  1. I will attend a minimum of one (1) meeting per month or send a substitute in my place.  I understand that after four (4) consecutive absences, the Membership Committee will contact me.
  2. I will arrive on time each week and not leave early.
  3. I will give good, qualified referrals and pass general leads of interest to all.
  4. I agree to maintain ethical standards that are equal to or above the rest of my profession.  I agree to be truthful with other members and referrals/leads.
  5. I will provide the kind of high quality service and products that I expect from others.
  6. I will provide products and services at the prices I have quoted.
  7. I will build goodwill and trust among other members and their referrals.
  8. I take responsibility for promptly following up on the referrals I receive.
  9. I have read the Wenatchee Network Group Policies and Procedures and agree to abide by their terms.
  10. I understand that the joining fee and annual membership dues are non-refundable.