Please fill out the form below to submit an application for membership. There is a non-refundable $50 joining fee.

I agree to a 60-day trial period during which I will pass at least one referral/lead per month and attend at least four (4) meetings and visit at least 3 current members to learn about their business. I understand my participation is necessary to make networking a success. I will try to attend a minimum of one (1) meeting per month or send an alternate in my place. I understand that after six (6) consecutive weeks of absences, my position in Wenatchee Network Group will be automatically terminated and that category will be open. If I wish to rejoin, I will reapply as if I am a new member. I will actively promote other member's businesses as often as possible. I understand that I am expected to pass a minimum of one (1) general lead or direct referral each month. Any week that I attend a meeting and do not have a referral to pass I understand that it will cost me a penalty of $1.00. I agree to maintain ethical standards that are equal to or above that of the rest of my profession. I agree to be truthful with other members and any qualified referral. I will always give high quality service and provide products and services at prices I have quoted. I will take responsibility for promptly following up on any leads/referrals I receive. I understand that weekly meetings will begin at 12:00 noon. I understand I will pay $25 annual non-refundable membership renewal fee that is due Feb 1st each year. I understand I am allowed to fill only ONE business category even though my services may fall into other categories. I will be allowed to promote only that ONE business to other members in the group.
First Referral of a Business Professional
Second Referral of a Business Professional
Third Referral of a Business Professional
This application does not guarantee membership to this group. I understand this information will be used in voting on my application, by the Membership Committee. You will be contacted with in 2 weeks with our decision. I understand if I resign from the Network Group, or my membership is terminated by the Membership Committee, the joining fee and annual renewal fee is non-refundable. I have read all the above statements and questions and agree to abide by them.